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Charles Crayton Jr. - Owner/Instructor

Charles Crayton Jr. credits all of his instructors and the many black belts that he met during his martial arts career who contributed to who he is today. Above all Charles thanks his parents for sending him to karate in the mid 1970’s.

Charles Crayton Jr.’s first karate instructor was Sensei Clint Berry who introduced him to Master Tabata in Medford, MA. where he studied Shotokan.

In 1977 Crayton studied at East Coast Karate Academy under Sensei Lou Hopkins.

In 1981 Crayton was promoted to his 1st Degree Black Belt by Lou Hopkins. Hopkins also introduced Crayton to Billy Blanks where he became one of Blanks’ sparring partners.

Shihan Crayton Jr. is a recognized competitor and judge for 24 years by tournament directors and his peers.

One of Crayton’s fondest memories during this time was of a competition in 1984 when Crayton was called up by Billy Blanks to fight on a five man USA team as  replacement for Blanks’ #1 Black Belt, George Landingham, who was unable to compete that day.  Crayton went undefeated, winning all his matches. In the finals for the gold, USA vs. South Africa, team captain, Billy Blanks had Crayton fight the captain of the South African team where he dominated and won the match 6-2.  The USA Team consisted of team captain Billy Blanks, Lou Hopkins, Ray Jekins, Anthony Halloway and Charles Crayton Jr.

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